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Museum Rooms
Preserving Coronach's Heritage

Shop Room5_edited_edited.jpg


Transport back to a time when dining rooms were only used for special occasions and when guests visited your home.

X-Ray Room.jpg

The museum's past as a town hospital remains, with an x-ray room that takes visitors to the past.


The bathroom exhibits past bathing and hygiene practices with a claw foot tub, washstand, hair dryer, and indoor potty.

Sewing Room1_edited.jpg

The room displays a loom, a spinning wheel, as well as wool carders, knitting machines, and other fiber arts tools.

Communication Room 3_edited.jpg

The communication room offers a wide array of artifacts providing insights into the town's communication history.



The kitchen has vintage artifacts, including an old McClary Cook Stove with ashes and a clinker to discover on your visit.

Delivery Room2_edited.jpg

The museum's operating and delivery room contains artifacts used by the early settlers of Coronach.

Shop Room2_edited_edited.jpg

The shop displays a collection of artifacts including license plates from 1919 to 1977, giving insight into transportation history.

School Room1_edited.png

The school room has an impressive amount of books, a dream come true for all book lovers.

Church Room1_edited.png

The church room displays the fascinating histories of the churches that called Coronach home over the years.

Antique Volumes_edited.jpg


The library has historical artifacts like World War II ration books, catalogs, photo albums, and newspapers.

Toy Room1_edited.jpg

The toy room is a must-see for vintage playthings like paper dolls, tin dishes, tea sets, and a 1912 toy sewing machine.


The antique-furnished bedroom transports you to a bygone era, a treasure trove of history and nostalgia.

Office Room1_edited.png

The office room at Coronach museum provides a fascinating insight into the town's past with intriguing relics.

General Store5_edited_edited.jpg

The General Store is a highlight of the museum, showcasing historical artifacts that offer a glimpse into early settlers' lives.

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