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Coal Mining
A Rich History in Coronach

Image by Dominik Vanyi

History Coal Mining in Coronach: From the Early Settlers to the Present Day

Coronach, Saskatchewan has a rich history when it comes to coal mining. The first coal mine in the area was established in 1902, and over the next few decades, the industry grew rapidly. By the 1920s, the town of Coronach had become a major hub for coal production, with several mines operating in the area.


The demand for coal continued to grow throughout the mid-20th century, and Coronach remained a key player in the industry. In the 1950s, a new mine was opened in the town, which helped to sustain the local economy for many years.

The town's history and heritage remain closely tied to the coal industry. Coal mining still supports jobs in the town to this day. One major reason for this is the continued demand for coal as a source of energy.


The nearby Poplar River Power Station, which is located just outside of Coronach, relies on coal to generate electricity for the surrounding region. As a result, coal mining remains an important part of the local economy, providing jobs for many residents in the area.

Learn More About the History of Coal Mining From Coronach's Own Residents

Learn More About the History of Coal Mining From Coronach's Own Residents

Special Thanks to the Following People for Helping Preserve Our Coal Mining History

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the creation of this video to help preserve the coal mining history in our community. Your hard work and dedication have enabled us to have a better understanding of our past and its influence on our present.

Our thanks goes to the following people for helping make these videos possible:

  • To Kristin Catherwood for the creation of the videos,

  • To Lara Yates-Montgomery, Scott Kirby, Doug Marit, and Trevor Barrett - the SaskPower employees who spoke in the videos,

  • To Rodney Clark, Scott Peacock, Ron Mamer, and Bryce Wrolson - mine workers, and 

  • To Cecil Keast, Harold Siggelkow, Arlene Winter, Cheryl Giraudier, and Ron Noble from the Coronach community.

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