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History of Coronach's District Museum:
From House to Hospital to Museum

The Coronach District Museum was originally located on Main Street in the home of Mrs. Allace Black next to the Catholic Church.  Allan and Allace Black had the foresight to begin an antique collection in their own home.  This collection was purchased by the RM of Hart Butte and the Town of Coronach in 1986 and thus we had the beginnings of our museum.

            With the Black home being too small, the collection was moved to our current location which used to be the Coronach Union Hospital.  This building had become vacant because of the building of a new Health Centre in 1992 on the east side of our town.  This building itself is from part of a hangar from the Mossbank Air Force Base.  The east end (the waiting room and parlor, etc.) was added on after the hospital was officially opened in 1949.

            Some of the artifacts in this museum were owned by the Black family, but since the excoriation of the Black Collection many items have been donated by the residents of Coronach and surrounding areas.  Now; the majority of the artifacts that you will see in our museum surpass the original Black Collection.

            As you walk in to our building you will notice our roaring 1920’s mannequin standing by the fumed oak desk – please remember to sign our guest book.

Preserve History: Support the Coronach Museum with a Donation Today

If you have ever visited the Coronach museum, you have likely been struck by the sense of history and heritage that permeates every exhibit. From the antique furnishings in the bedroom to the shelves upon shelves of books in the school room, every artifact tells a story about life in this small Saskatchewan town over the past century.

However, preserving this heritage requires ongoing effort and financial support. That's why the museum relies on the generosity of visitors and supporters like you to keep its doors open and its exhibits maintained.

By making a donation to the Coronach museum, you can help ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy and learn from the fascinating artifacts on display. Your contribution will go towards the ongoing maintenance and development of the exhibits.

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