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Office Relics Offer Hints of Life in the Past

Office Room1_edited.png

Explore the Fascinating Relics of the Office Room

The office room at the Coronach museum is a fascinating step back in time.  As you wander through the space, you'll come across a variety of intriguing relics that give insight into the workings of the town's past.


One of the highlights of the room is undoubtedly the compuwriters, which were used by the Triangle News - the local newspaper service - to set their spacing and make their columns. These machines are essentially primitive computers and provide a tangible link to the early days of publishing.


That's not all you'll find in the office - there are also survey maps, tax notices, and even a development map from 1927 that gives a fascinating glimpse into the town's growth and evolution over the years.


It's a room that's full of surprises and well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in local history.

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